The Super Important is a non-committal, semi-weekly to bi-daily publication devoted to providing coverage of world events from an alternative perspective.

What is an alternative perspective?

In short, it’s fake, and it’s meant to be funny. Relax.

In longer form, the alternative perspective is that of a journalist who has lost faith in the world; compromised by anger and cynicism, frustrated by deception and dishonesty. They’ve thrown integrity out the window and are now covering the news in their own manipulative, sarcastic manner, as if to say, “this is what’s actually happening.” Each article has a specific purpose, and if you read between the lines, you can usually figure out what its actual message is.

When did this start?

This publication has its roots as early as 2002, when its editor-in-chief (known herein simply as ‘The Editor’) published a satirical periodical in his final year of high school. Drawing primarily on school newsletters of the time, the paper’s headline article advocated for a campaign to violently demolish two under-funded schools that the community was fiercely fighting to save. Despite the controversial subject matter and “insensitive and inflammatory rhetoric,” it received the approval of his English teacher, who encouraged him to continue writing satirical articles.

Since then, The Editor has contributed to a diverse group of publications, both online and in print. Finally, in 2015, he launched his own news site; the one you’re reading right now.

Who is The Editor?

The Editor is the primary contributor to The Super Important. Due to the fact that some of the content on the site could be considered controversial by some, he has decided not to disclose his name or identity at this time. It is also generally unnecessary as he is not widely known as a writer and providing a name won’t add too much value.

You might have deduced from some of the articles and the text above that The Editor is:

  • Between 30 and 40 years of age
  • Canadian, with a keen interest in both Canadian and U.S. politics
  • Creative, or completely insane, depending on your view

All of which is true. However, so is this:

  • Despite the unrelenting mockery and criticism of various governments, he is a proud Canadian and has a very positive view of America, its people, and its history
  • He considers himself politically centrist and not aligned with any party or ideology

I love this. What can I do?

Share the articles and spread the word. The only goal here is to find an audience of people willing to listen.

I hate this. What can I do?

Don’t read it.

Why can’t I comment on the articles?

Because spammers ruin everything.

How can I get in contact with you?

Email coming soon.