Local boy barred classmate from treehouse, violated parents’ rules

Sean Riker, 8, violated his parents' rules and is now grounded.

WASHINGTON—A local boy is in trouble with his parents after a classmate was turned away from his treehouse yesterday.

Sean Riker, an eight-year-old boy and student of Leroy Valley Preparatory School, has been grounded for barring a classmate from entering his treehouse.

Rex Raymond, also 8, described the sadness and disappointment he suffered as a result of his exclusion.

“I went to the treehouse with my friends like I always do,” Rex said. “Then I climbed up the rope ladder over there, and they told me to leave.

“Sean said I wasn’t allowed in because I’m not in the club.”

Raymond attends Leroy Valley along with Riker and the other children. When asked why Raymond was not granted entry, he provided the same explanation.

“Rex isn’t in the club,” Riker said. “It’s me, Bart, Ann, Steven, and James.”

He says he came to the arrangement with his other classmates earlier that day, and gave no indication as to why Rex was not allowed in, nor why the arrangement couldn’t be amended to include him. Rex believes he knows why.

“It’s because I told on him this week,” Rex said. “I saw Sean and Bart talking to some older kids from junior high. They were talking about smoking. I told the teacher because they’re not supposed to be talking to them.”

Not all members of the club went into the treehouse. Steven and James, both friends of Rex and members of Sean’s club, declined to join the others so long as Rex wasn’t allowed.

“I told them that it wasn’t fair,” explained Steven Barr, 9. “I said if they don’t let Rex come in, I’m not going in.”

Normally, the children play outside on the lawn every Friday after school, the treehouse being off-limits when there are no adults present. Yesterday, however, was different, with a smaller more exclusive group of kids playing in the treehouse. The children say that this was the first time this had ever happened.

Marilyn Riker, Sean’s mother, was not pleased with Sean when she heard the story.

“I’m very disappointed in him,” Mrs. Riker said. “He knows better. He knows he’s supposed to let every kid play, and he knows he’s not allowed in the treehouse without adult supervision.”

Sean has since received a sentence of two weeks grounded, with no access to the treehouse or his Nintendo Wii. Still, he insists that he hasn’t done anything wrong.

“Rex is a liar,” Sean said. “And he’s a taddle-tale. He’s the enemy of the whole class.”