Newfoundland, Canada youths tip over vehicles, buildings

A tipped-over garbage truck in Newfoundland, Canada.

ST. JOHN’S—A new and shocking activity has swept the province of Newfoundland, Canada, causing havoc to residents and millions of dollars in damage.

The hobby—termed “tipping”—refers to the pushing over of extremely large objects and is reportedly the latest craze among miscreant youths.

“This is very serious business,” said Bill O’Regan, Chief of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, the province’s police department. “It’s the way kids gotta get their kicks these days. I guess they got bored tipping cows.

“We don’t have a lot of cows, but we’ve got fish, lots of fish. But tipping fish isn’t funny. If you pull them out of the water, they tip themselves.”

Instagram has exploded with pictures of various tipped objects. The following is a shed that has been tipped over:

Pobody’s nerfect. #nlwx

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A local teen, identifying himself only as Michael, agreed to speak with The Super Important regarding his role in tipping a shed in the bay town of Abbott Cove.

“Friday night and we’re gone right out of ‘er. We seen that thinganabob and we thought it looks better upside down, so we tip it over,” he said.

Newfoundland has experienced some harsh weather recently which also caused significant damage to residences and vehicles. Michael says that this makes it more fun, and far less likely that he will be caught. He explained that the resident will not know if their shed was intentionally tipped or if it was the result of extreme weather.

“It’s a mausey day, they won’t know what if it’s the wind or us. The cops don’t know ’cause no one sees us. By the time they knows we tipped it, they don’t know where we’re to.”

Chief O’Regan agrees with the difficulty in determining whether such an event is the result of an intentional act or natural causes.

“It’s a tough one. Some of these kids are good, we can never be sure. We caught a couple, but they were amateurs and the homeowner spotted them.”

If you found the picture of the shed shocking, you will likely find following picture of a tipped house absolutely horrendous and appalling:

Looks like the neighbours didn’t have such good luck #ourlittlehousebythesea #hopefullynotinthesea #nlwx

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O’Regan says that those who participate in this activity organize themselves into small “tip-gangs”; small groups of youths who work together to tip large objects such as landmarks, buildings, and vehicles. This causes an informal competition of tip-gangs trying to one-up each other.

When shown a picture of the tipped house, Michael laughed hysterically.

“Shit, son! That’s a … damn! They got skills.”

We asked Michael how he knew it was intentionally tipped rather than the result of a storm.

“That’s a tip,” he said. “It wasn’t us but I can see where they lifted it, the jack was right there. That’s all I’m gonna say, we keep it secret. Tippin’ ain’t easy or anyone would do it.”

Chief O’Regan recently announced a task force that will be solely dedicated to tracking down and prosecuting tippers. They are making an appeal to the public, asking anyone who has seen tippers in action to call their confidential “tip tips” line.

“This is a serious crime,” O’Regan cautioned. “We’re cracking down and they know it, so they’re being more secretive. But make no mistake, if you continue tipping, you will be caught and prosecuted.”

Despite the warnings of the chief constable, Michael says he has no plans to stop.

“Hell no, we’re not (stopping),” he said. “There’s a lot to tip yet. This week, a school. Next week, a barge. The week after that, maybe Fogo Island.”